A downloadable game for Windows


In the Year 2XXX, mankind’s technology has reached a whole new level, enough to
threaten the entire universe. Thurs, the aliens formed an alliance, and their goal?
to invade Earth! Will our Earthly heroes save the Earth? Or will they succumb to
the aliens’ attack?

Game Play:
-Solo,PVP and COOP
-2D Arena Shooter
-Horde Mode
-Side Scrolling

-Multiple Weapons to use
-In-game Shop System
-Abilities for Different Characters
-Special Power-up for Pick-up(COOP)

Please give this game a try and help us make it better thank you :)

Install instructions

1.Download the EXE file 

2.Run the EXE file

This a single run-time executable install is not requite


AlienFallexe.exe 50 MB


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Best game ever! I would recommend you download this game and give it a try!